Dietary Supplements

A little About The Industry

Not Regulated by FDA

The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements like they do with our food and drugs. This means supplement manufactures can put whatever they want in their bottles. And (unfortunately) many of them do just that. A recent investigation by New York’s Attorney General uncovered that only 21% of tested supplements contained the DNA of the advertised primary ingredient. That means 79% of the tested supplements did not even contain ANY of the primary ingredient listed on the label!

Harmful Side Effects

Some dietary supplements can negatively interact with prescribed medications and existing health problems. There is no agency in the industry that helps you avoid these interactions. For example, Vitamin K helps you clot blood. If you are at high risk for a stroke or heart attack, you could actually make things worse by consuming too much vitamin K. You need a doctor or dietitian to help you avoid these side effects.

Dishonest Labels

There is no official agency that checks for label accuracy. Therefore, most labels do not honestly represent what is in the supplement package. We have seen protein supplements labeled as “Sugar Free” actually contain a lot of sugar. We have seen vitamin capsules filled with saw dust. The list goes on and on.

ID Life Is Different

We have been asked for supplement recommendations countless times. Read below to learn why we chose ID Life and how they are different than the rest of the industry.

The Assessment… Avoid The Side Effects

You cannot buy the majority of ID Life products without first taking an general health assessment. This assessment factors in things such as; your diet, medications, medical history, etc. It will then take that information and recommend or filter out supplements based on your specific needs. The recommendations are based off of over 4,000 clinical studies. Placing such a strong emphasis on safety and optimum health is unheard of in the supplement industry!

Follows FDA Guidlines

While the FDA does not regulate the supplements themselves, they do require the manufacturing facilities to meet certain standards. ID Life facilities meet those standards.

Kids Products

Fresh Start Fitness works with kids and families, it’s important that we only recommend products and services that will best serve them. ID Life does just that. With a complete kids product line, kids and families can enjoy supplements that have been individually designed for them. The quality of the kids products meet all the same standards as the adult line.

A Company We Can Trust

People are always asking for supplement recommendations. In the past, there was little we could confidently recommend. We knew that most of the companies in the industry were not honest. ID Life is different. The CEO has called out companies for dishonest labels and marketing. They are transparent and instill us with confidence.

Interested? …Take The Assessment

About The Assessement

The ID Life Assessment takes relevant information about your health (such as medications, medical history, etc.), compares it to over 4,000 clinical studies, and then provides you with recommendations for dietary supplements. Something unheard of in the supplement industry.

From there, you can purchase the recommended supplements in convenient, customized packaging. This avoids the wasteful purchase of various bottles of random supplements.

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Complete the form and someone will get in touch to go through the assessment with you. The assessment is HIPPA compliant, there is no obligation to buy, and we are not pushy salespeople.

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