Fitness Concert Assembly

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Fitness Concert Features

  • 5,000 Watt Sound System

    Crystal clear, chest thumping audio ensures even students in the back have a blast!

  • Pro Lighting FX

    Electrifying colors create a true concert atmosphere.

  • Live Musician

    Rapping, spinning or shredding, music is essential.

  • Kid-Inspired Workouts

    Carefully crafted workouts that even the youngest students can do.

  • We Rap About Nutrition

    Original lyrics about food, but trust us – they aren’t cheesy!

  • Builds Self-Esteem

    Students are reminded – that above all things – they are valuable and worth taking care of.

An Overview

During our fitness concerts, students are lead through challenging, total-body workouts that are choreographed to uptempo music. Once the sweat is pouring and the lungs are burning, we cool down and play an interactive game that focuses on healthy eating. To wrap things up, we remind the students how valuable and important they are, encouraging great self-esteem! To help the students remember everything, we perform an original song about healthy living. The music is catchy and the lyrics are memorable. They’ll be signing and rapping about nutrition long after we’re gone!

The Workouts

For about 35 minutes, we lead students through a circuit-style workout comprised of calisthenic exercises. Students are moving from the time a song begins until it ends. Short breaks are placed between songs. These workouts are tough, but suitable for, and loved by kids.

The Music

Our music selection is uptempo and comes from the EDM and High Energy Rock genre’s. If a song contains lyrics, they are scrutinize; insuring the theme and language is appropriate for children.

All of our original music is packed full of lyrics that support the message of exercising, proper nutrition and healthy living.


Our nutrition teachings are rooted in the USDA’s MyPlate initiative. We discuss the types of foods to eat and avoid, as well as the amounts.


Over the years, we have met many students that do not know how important and valuable they are. Whether it’s the result of a poor home life or bullying at school, too many children are falling short of their potential. To combat this, we began incorporating self-esteem “pep talks” at every assembly. They are age appropriate, and have been received very well. Many teachers tell us that it is the most important part of our program.



Small school / Limited budget.

Price Range
$400 - $700
  • Typical Assembly Format
  • Half Day
  • 1-2 performances
  • 1 Trainer


Most popular.

Price Range
$800 - $1,200
  • Typical Assembly Format
  • Full Day
  • 2-3 performances
  • 1 Trainer
  • 1 Musician
  • Pictures w/ Students


The full experience!

Price Range
$1,200 - $1,600
  • Typical Assembly Format
  • Full Day
  • 2-4 performances
  • 1 Trainer
  • 1 Musician
  • Pictures w/ Students
  • Autograph Session
  • Meet and Greet Lunch w/ Students

*Prices listed are just a reference. Actual pricing may vary.
*Specific school needs, distance from our office, special requests, etc. will be factored into your final price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Either 45 minutes or 1 hour. It is decided based what works best for your schedule.

We have found that a max of 250 students is ideal. If your school has an especially large performance area and plenty of staff that will participate, we can accommodate more than 250 students at a time.

Students will be moving most of the time, performing exercises and dancing like the goofballs they can be! Athletic attire is suggested.

  • Students need some personal space to move around. An open area such as; a gym, playground, or field is necessary. Bleachers and auditoriums will not work.
  • A stage or elevated surface is needed.
  • We will bring all other necessary equipment.

Students will leave with tools that will help them exercise and make healthy eating choices on a daily basis. We show them that exercise and a quality diet can be had, regardless of athleticism or interest is specific foods. Everything is simplified so that even the youngest can understand.

Beyond that, It’s imperative that students leave with a true understanding of their value. Each student must know they are worth taking care of, have purpose, and should see themselves as being the treasured, upcoming generation that they are!

Absolutely! We regularly perform all throughout the Northeast.

If your school is especially far from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, we will try to setup a mini-tour with other schools in your area. This allows us to make-up for the extra travel expenses without passing them on to you!

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